What You Need to Know About Your Breaker Box

Your home’s breaker box: it serves as the electrical brain of your household. Situated behind a boring-looking metal door, your breaker box is a wealth of information and functionality. It controls virtually all the electrical functions of your home, including your HVAC system, water pump, and television. It does this by serving as a central relay point – drawing power from the grid outside and feeding that power to the various electrical outlets in your home. If your breaker box needs service, or you need a new breaker box added to your home, you need a team experienced in electrical installation to make it happen. Fortunately, A1 Ability Electric is here for.

Troubleshooting Breaker Box Issues

Is your breaker box acting up? Because most of us only open our breaker boxes when we need to turn a switch on or off, it can be particularly challenging to troubleshoot breaker box issues. Here are a few common problems we see with Electrical Automation, though:

  • Improper electrical repairs. If you’ve had previous work done to your breaker box, the issue you’re experiencing now may be a result of some of that having been done improperly.
  • Flickering or blinking lights. This is commonly an issue of faulty wiring and could be a fire risk.
  • Humming. If your breaker box is making a humming sound, your circuit breaker may be overloaded, and just shy of shutting down. This is a dangerous problem that requires an expert immediately.

Your home’s electrical system is too important to gamble. Luckily, our skilled, experienced team is here to provide all the electrical installation and repair services you need. Ready to learn more? Contact us today: (972) 849-3192

If you need an electrician, then Frank is your guy. I recently purchased a home with an old electrical panel that needed to be upgraded and he completed the job at a reasonable price and in a timely manner. I highly recommend Frank! Here is a picture of the old panel and the new panel he installed! Thanks Frank!
- Josue Torres
We sensed a burning smell and noticed that our outlet was burning. It is difficult to get professional electrician support on Saturday afternoon. Luckily we found Frank after trying 7 calls to different stores listed on google map. Frank told us he was actually watching tv at home but he is willing to help us solve this critical issue. He quickly solved it professionally and saved our weekend. Thank you Frank!
- Ihui Chang
Frank was professional, quick, and tried his best to troubleshoot the problem over the phone to try and help me save. He’s a master at his craft and I highly recommend him.
- Andre Pascual

Called Frank about an outlet not working in my laundry room. Asked to see a photo of the panel, which I thought I checked and didn’t see a tripped breaker switch. Sure enough he spotted a tripped one and asked us to turn off then back on, and the outlet works! I feel like most companies would have come out anyways and charged a service fee, but I appreciate Frank just helping me over the phone! Will definitely reach out in the future.

- Angela.Stephanie IG

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