Experienced Electricians Prepared for Any Emergency

Without an effective and high-performing electrical system, one may find it difficult to cook or refrigerate food. Whether you’re experiencing a power outage — with perishables on the brink of going to waste — or the smell of burning wires, contact our electricians for safe and professional electrical emergency services. No emergency is ever too small or impossible for us to manage and resolve.

The Common Types of Electrical Emergencies

How do you know if it’s an emergency or an inconvenience? If it’s jeopardizing your safety or home or even occurring repeatedly, then call it an emergency. Call our electrical emergency service team members if your:

  • Breaker box is buzzing or humming
  • Wires smell as if they are burning
  • Electric outlet is exhibiting smoke
  • Power keeps going out

Many customers we help cannot make heads or tails about the electrical issues they experience. However, our Texas electricians in A1 Ability Electric can identify what’s an emergency and what’s a minor setback. If your circuit breaker is exhibiting a buzzing sound, then your system may be failing to trip. Other electrical malfunctions, involving your appliances or light fixtures, can put you at risk. Don’t neglect an isolated power outage. Call our emergency electrical service technicians in Carrollton and we will respond immediately.Ready to learn more? Contact us at (972) 849-3192.

If you need an electrician, then Frank is your guy. I recently purchased a home with an old electrical panel that needed to be upgraded and he completed the job at a reasonable price and in a timely manner. I highly recommend Frank! Here is a picture of the old panel and the new panel he installed! Thanks Frank!
- Josue Torres
We sensed a burning smell and noticed that our outlet was burning. It is difficult to get professional electrician support on Saturday afternoon. Luckily we found Frank after trying 7 calls to different stores listed on google map. Frank told us he was actually watching tv at home but he is willing to help us solve this critical issue. He quickly solved it professionally and saved our weekend. Thank you Frank!
- Ihui Chang
Frank was professional, quick, and tried his best to troubleshoot the problem over the phone to try and help me save. He’s a master at his craft and I highly recommend him.
- Andre Pascual

Called Frank about an outlet not working in my laundry room. Asked to see a photo of the panel, which I thought I checked and didn’t see a tripped breaker switch. Sure enough he spotted a tripped one and asked us to turn off then back on, and the outlet works! I feel like most companies would have come out anyways and charged a service fee, but I appreciate Frank just helping me over the phone! Will definitely reach out in the future.

- Angela.Stephanie IG

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